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Deep Learning and AI for lead generation from job postings

How do you know which company or target market will need your product or services the most? This is a tough question. Often people start with guesses. For instance Bay Area Companies with greater than 300 employees, with more than 10 million dollars in revenue, having an internet website, etc. Then when such a list comes along, an approach might be to distribute this list to your sales / lead gen team. What they do is then find the contacts they have within their network that work in those companies or can make a relevant introduction. The next step is to write an email that is targeted to that connection. Often that email should be personalized. You get the intro and set up a meeting and define your value prop. More often then not the person is not relevant and he decides to make an intro to someone that is relevant. Your lead gen team keeps sending follow up emails so that your connection can make the intro. Few do. Now you supposedly do get an intro, and lets assume that intro

Deep Learning for Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is the process of keeping your leads engaged, so that they eventually buy. It's important to send your leads something that they will open and read. Despite the clear benefits of lead nurturing, a study by MarketingSherpa indicates that only 36% of marketers actively nurture their sales leads (Source: 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report). To build an AI system that uses deep learning one must understand what leads to an effective lead nurturing email.  One such thing is targeted content. So given a lead and their info the task the AI system has to figure out which content is most targeted. First of all, you need to understand each of your unique buyer personas. Prospects receive an average of 10 touches from the time they enter the top of the funnel until they’re a closed-won customer  However this is different for each product and service and that's where deep learning can come in. It can help understand the ideal touch points for your product an
Top Resources for Deep learning There are many resources for deep learning on the web. We at Sublime AI have tried a bunch of them and concluded that these are the best one for coders. Practical Deep Learning For Coders Linear Algebra for Deep Learning Deep Learning for NLP (without Magic) Keras and Lasagne Deep Learning Tutorials